Here is a Selection of our 12 week weight loss plan clients, before and after photos

Sports Performance Nutrition results  

Aggi & Paul

Paul & Aggi  took 1st place in the mixed couples at Thunderun 24 in July 2018

"We enlisted the help of Janson for a recent endurance running event. Thunder Run 24, we had entered as mixed pairs and fully intended to make the podium.

The task set was to provide us with a nutritional food plan that would make sure we carb loaded properly in the days leading up to the event, and kept us fueled during the event. This was by no means an easy task, but what can I say, Janson covered every detail with us, and not only did we make the podium, we came first!

We cannot recommend Janson and INnutrition enough. No matter what your nutritional goals are, Janson can help you"